About us

Do you hate queues? Do you avoid busy shops and restaurants because you don’t want to wait? Us too. Which is why we founded WoraPay. We develop mobile technology to beat queues.

Making life easier for the customer

How great would it be to pay for your petrol without having to leave a sleeping child in a car? Or pre-order your drinks at a concert from your phone? WoraPay has made this possible.

Making life easier for the retailer

There’s no need to install hardware machines with WoraPay. Our technology runs on tablets. If you give us your menu today, we can launch tomorrow.

A proven track record

WoraPay was founded by Vaidas Adoumauskas and Aurimas Bakas in 2012. We’ve been running our beat queues solution for several years now. So as well as providing the technology, we can give retailers practical advice too.

The WoraPay team

Vaidas Adomauskas, co-founder and CEO

Aurimas Bakas, co-founder

Richard Jackson, MD UK

Tadas Bakutis, CTO


Our Logo

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Contact us

Drop us an email at hello@worapay.com or take a look at our contact details.