For retailers

Case study: Lloyds Banking Group office cafés

40% incremental profit, 5.4% average uplift in sales.

Why choose WoraPay?

Increase your profits

  • Convenience » customers save time jumping the queue leading to repeat purchases
  • Supplier of choice » customers come to you first because they don’t need to wait
  • Innovation » helps retain existing clients and win new contracts

Easy to implement

  • Simple » uses tablet technology so no extra IT or staff required
  • Fast » give us your menu today, we can launch tomorrow
  • Secure » approved by the Financial Conduct Authority, Risk and Compliance at Lloyds Banking Group

Improve links with your customer

  • Build on loyalty » loyalty schemes are easily integrated
  • Collect data » a customer’s order details, location and time of order are recorded
  • Straight to their mobile » deliver special offers and other messages straight to your customers’ mobile phones

Flexible retail solutions to choose from

  • Choose to use our WioPay app
  • Or integrate our service into an existing app
  • Or develop your own branded app

Where can our WoraPay retail solutions be used?

Do your customers need to wait to pay? Then WoraPay is for you. Our retail solutions work for:

  • In-office catering – order, shop and pay
  • Arenas and stadiums – order and pay
  • High street cafés, restaurants and pubs – order, shop and pay, pay at the table, order to the table
  • Trains, buses and planes – order at your seat
  • Petrol stations – pay at the pump without the need for self-service terminals
  • Supermarkets, clothing stores and other retailers – pay from the shelf
  • Tickets – buy directly from posters

How does it work?

The customer downloads the app and registers with their card details. Then:

Order and Pay

On their mobile the customer selects the relevant location and products
The customer confirms the order and pays using the card saved on the app
Your tablet is notified and staff prepare the order
The app tells the customer when their order is ready to be collected – beating the queue

Shop and Pay

The customer chooses goods from the fridge or shelf
The customer scans the poster and selects or scans the products on their mobile
They confirm the purchase using the card saved on their app
The customer leaves the café or shop – beating the queue

Try it for yourself

Just download the WioPay app, one of our mobile retail solutions.

Next steps

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